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Fergie efteråt – analys

Enligt engelska twitter-reportrar förbjöds både Sky och den egna ledhunden MUTV att fråga Fergie om Rooney. Normalt? Icke så.
Det här sa i alla fall Manchester Uniteds tränare efter matchen till MUTV:
From our first-half performance, which was outstanding, the criticism is that we didn’t finish them off. Where it should have been 5-0 at half-time, we’ve gone in 2-0 up. That is an area we have to be concerned about.
MUSS blogganalys: United var inte outstanding. United var bra.
“Everton away should have been five or six, we should have got three or four at Fulham; and we’re losing points because of it. It’s not a defining result in terms of where the league’s going to end up, but we can’t keep doing that. We are very frustrated about it. Two-nil is never a great scoreline. If you lose a goal, it gives the other team a lifeline. I always think 1-0 is better. It keeps the concentration better, you push more for the second goal.”
MUSS blogganalys: Vansinnigt egendomligt uttalande att det är bättre att leda med 1-0 än 2-0. Det är som det klassiska uttalandet att det värsta som finns är att leda med 3-0 i ishockey (Håkan Södergren?). Ska man då alltid göra 2-0-målet i slutsekunden?
“They got a real break for the first goal. I didn’t think it was a foul. But they got the luck after that, it came off the inside of Evra’s leg and it was just a bad bit of luck. The second goal… what can you say? Edwin has been playing for over 20 years as a top goalkeeper and he was probably in primary school the last time he made a mistake like that. You just have to wipe it off the slate. There’s nothing you can do about it, it was just one of these inexplicable errors.”
MUSS blogganalys: Skit i om det var frispark eller inte. Och såga Edwin – säg att han inte ska kunna göra ett sånt misstag. Nu sågar han bara Edwin indirekt. Fegt.
“There are two ways of looking at it (being undefeated). If we were a team in the middle of the league you’d say we were undefeated. But for Manchester United that’s not good enough.”
MUSS blogganalys: Helt rätt. Det är därför han tränar Manchester United.