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Captain Fantastic

Och så har givetvis Roy Keane fått frågan efter Stade de France-fusket. Inte helt oväntat öser han skit över irländarna.
“I have been amazed at the commotion over the past few days. Of course Henry handled but I would be more focused about why the ball wasn’t cleared. I’d be more annoyed at my defenders and my goalkeeper than Thierry Henry.
“It is the usual FAI reaction – ‘we’ve been robbed’, ‘the honesty of the game’ but there was one of the group matches [Georgia] when Ireland got a penalty for a hand ball and no one had even appealed for it. It was one of the worst decisions I have ever seen and it changed the course of the game, and the group.
“Robbie Keane scored the penalty and Ireland went on to win but I don’t remember the FAI saying ‘you know what the referee made a howler, let’s give them a replay. They say this was a play of match but it is the same principle.”
Det hade varit roligt att se hur Keane reagerat om han spelat matchen. Hade han sprungit fram till Given eller Hansson efter målet?