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Okej att brittiska medier är osannolikt inskränkta och älskar att hylla sina egna, men Talksport tar väl ändå priset:
Steven Gerrard – the most consistently brilliant footballer in the world over the past decade.
You think that’s rubbish? Well go and watch him and witness the high energy, 100%, all-heart performances, and that’s just for starters.
He even produces those when the chips are down and his team-mates are garbage.
Doesn’t matter if it’s Lucas or Xabi Alonso alongside him. It’s irrelevant if it’s Torres or Voronin in front of him. Gerrard is still brilliant.
His range of passing is high quality, spraying balls everywhere. His shooting is spot on, his finishing amazing, he can cross a perfect ball. He makes things happen, creator and executor.
On top of that he has produced match-winning performances on many occasions, and big occasions as well. Finals, crucial must-win games… all of the above.
And he’s captain… a loyal Scouser, a real leader of men, and for me the best player Liverpool have ever had, certainly the best player they’ve ever produced.
There are some good players around, but is there another player who has produced such high-quality on such a consistent basis?
Steven Gerrard is the world’s most consistently brilliant player.