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Gill: Fortfarande tid att köpa spelare

David “Safe Hands” Gill säger att United fortfarande letar mittfältare (antar att han inte menar ytterback, men det är inte omöjligt).
Det säger han “exklusivt” till sina arbetskamrater:
Did you always know this summer would be a busy one?
Yeah, we knew that. Edwin made it known that last season would be his last so we had planned for a new goalkeeper well in advance. With the others [new arrivals Phil Jones and Ashley Young], the opportunities came along and we were comfortable with that. So we’ve made three signings. We’re looking at one more player to bring in. Nothing’s happening – nothing imminent – on that at the moment, but we’ll see what happens when we get home. There’ll still be 31 days of the transfer window to see if anything develops. But I’m not working on anything at the moment, in that respect.

If you do end up signing somebody could it go right up to the deadline?
Possibly. We’ve been looking at a particular position and two or three players in that position, but nothing’s imminent at the moment. The important point to understand, and Alex has made it clear, is that we need someone who’s going to improve the quality of the squad. We’ve got a great squad and to get into that squad you need to be a world-class player. There’s no point, if you can’t get the players you want, in buying someone for the sake of buying someone. But you never know – there’s often movement in August. I’m not sitting here saying I’m working on anything specific because I’m not, but that situation could change quickly when we get back to Carrington.